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Frequently asked questions

How far in advanced do I need to order my cake?

It is recommended that you order you cake as soon as possible, as dates fill out fast. Cake N Co. has a high demand, with limited availability and is usually booked out within 3-4 weeks. To get in quick, please fill out an "Enquiry Form"

How much are Cake N Co.'s cakes?

All cakes are priced depending on decoration ie. Cake topper, florals, fresh fruit, meringues, macaroons ect. Fondant cakes being more expensive then buttercream cakes. 1 tier cakes range from $250-$330 (6" cakes range from $250-300) (8" cakes range from $270-$330) 2 tier cakes start from $400 (8" and 5")

What flavours does Cake N Co. offer?

What size cakes does Cake N Co. offer?

Single tier cakes: 6" Cake. Feeds around 20 people. 6" in diameter and around 25cm in height. 8" Cake. (Most popular) Feeds around 40 people. 8" in diameter and around 20cm in height. Two tier cakes: 8"(Bottom tier) + 5" (Top tier) Feeds around 80 people. (If you need to cater for more then 80 guests, I offer a two tier cake made up of a 10" base and 6" top, which feeds 120-30 people)

How much are Cake N Co.'s Cupcakes?

I offer cupcakes in 2 different sizes: Mini cupcakes - Packs of 48. $2.5 a piece or $3 a piece with a fondant decoration/edible leaf on each. (e.g. flower, numbers and Ombré decorated cupcakes) Regular cupcakes - Packs of 24, 48, 72, 96. $3.5 a piece or $4 a piece with a fondant decoration/edible leaf on each. (e.g. flower, numbers and Ombré decorated cupcakes) ( I can colour buttercream and fondant decorations to request)

How much are Cake N Co's Cookies?

The cookie bonbonniere’s Cake N Co. offers are $4.5 a piece or $5 a piece with individual packaging (sealed bag with ribbon and Cake N Co. sticker or a square package with Cake N Co. sticker) The minimum amount I do per order is 15 cookies. I can do any colour fondant you like and stamp up to 9 letters in one line, and stamp up to 3 rows onto one cookie. Edible gold/silver leaf and painted water colour is an extra 20 cents per cookie. Please not that individual names on each cookie is also an additional cost for 20 cents per cookie. eg. Name settings. Let me know if you'd like the cookies individually packaged or not, as well as if you'd like any extras: water colour or edible leaf.

How do I transport my cake safely?

Cake N Co. recommends placing the cake on the flattest surface in the car. (Eg. Floor of the passenger seat) or placing on the lap of passenger. We recommend that you bring a friend or family member to help transport the cake home safely.

When transporting cupcakes and cakes please take care when driving over speed bumps, turning around corners and pressing the breaks. Please ensure the air-con is on high. Cake N Co. is not responsible for any damaged goods due to personal transport.

Cake N Co. offers Delivery for an additional fee, depending on location. Please specify if you require this service.

How do I store my cake safely?

We recommend that the cake is eaten within 48 hours from pickup/delivery and stored in the fridge. 1/2 hours before service please take the cake out of the fridge so it can soften up.

Do you cater for dietry requirments?

Cake N Co. offers Gluten free cakes and cupcakes for an additional $10. Please be aware they are made in the same premise.

However, I do not cater for vegans or diary intolerant. Please be advised that cakes may have the potential of containing traces of nuts. (Please specify if you are catering for someone with a nut allergy, and I will let you know if any nuts will be in contact with my utensils on the same day)